LaserFinger is a unique system that enables people with limited mobility
(quadriplegia, spinal cord injuries, etc.) to perform simple tasks like
turning on and off appliances, lights, and TV's! LaserFinger has been
developed by the Palo Alto High School InvenTeam.

How does LaserFinger work?

  1. A laser pointing device is gently attached to your head (on glasses, a hat, etc.)
  2. A receiver, "grey box," is attached to the appliance that needs to be controlled (eg: Fan, Light, TV, Heater, etc.)
  3. With a slight head movement, you can point the laser at the "grey box" in order to turn on and off the appliance.

Currently our product is in beta testing. We are actively seeking volunteers and donations to further refine our product.

If you are interested in contacting LaserFinger about volunteering, donations, or more information, please email Melina McKim, Henry Evans, or Chris Tacklind.